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Internship & Career Opportunities

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Internship & Career Opportunities

OPEN POSITION: Internship  

Do you want to intern at Healthy Grocery Girl? We have the following internship opportunities available. Please Contact Us with your resume & the internship position you are interested in & why. 

Photography & Editing Los Angeles area only 

Video Production (pre-production, production, post-production) Los Angeles area only  

General Internship (includes a wide range of internship roles related to: nutrition, dietetics, social media & content creation) Virtual & Los Angeles area 

Cooking Show Sponsor

Would you like to sponsor an episode of the Healthy Grocery Girl Cooking Show? We’d love to talk! Contact Us Here   About The Healthy Grocery Girl Cooking Show

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By advertising on you will connect with a world-wide audience of individuals passionate about health, healthy eating and living a healthy lifestyle. Your sponsorship ad will drive awareness to your brand, may increase sales and build consumer trust. Your company logo or ad image will be featured on the right hand side bar of the Healthy Grocery Girl® blog. Interested sponsors, please contact us by completing our Sponsorship Application Form.  Brand Messaging and Niche: Healthy Lifestyle, Organic, Natural, Non-GMO, Plant-Based, Vegan, Fresh, Wholesome, Healthy Convenience Brand Partnership Categories: Food, Beverage, Kitchen & Cooking Equipment, Beauty, Travel, Apparel, And Healthy Lifestyle