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"Everyone always says they eat healthy, and I was another one of those long lost people.  I always thought that I ate fairly healthy food. However, I never truly realized what healthy was until I met with Megan.  Megan not only makes things simple. She also makes them fun and easy to maintain.  One of the biggest things I have learned is that you don’t need to deprive yourself of the foods you love in order to lose weight.  You just choose to make better choices! It’s so hard to sum up everything that Megan has done for me because she truly has changed my life. When you start to eat healthier, it’s amazing to see the difference in the way that you feel. I am now down 17 pounds, and the changes I have made in my diet are not just temporary."
- Kelsi D. HGG Client

"I learned a lot in the few months I worked with Megan. I was able to apply her insights and tools easily into my current program. She was flexible, attentive and great at follow-through. This was an overall, positive experience."
- Annmarie R. MBA CHC, HGG Client

"Megan is a very enterprising and welll educated professional who has much to offfer to her clients. I recommend her highly."
- Brad A Moore, Fitness Specialist for the City of Wilsonville

"Megan Roosevelt Testimonial: As I continue to fight my battle with cancer I knew I needed to find something beyond the conventional protocol to beat it and have a quality of life again.  I found that answer in “Healthy Grocery Girl” Megan Roosevelt.   Megan has provided me with guidance and nutritional resources that specifically address my needs.  With her recommendations I am more energetic and have not experienced one of my excruciating headaches since implementing her plant based nutrition plan.  Being a former college and NFL player I’ve worked with nutritional planners in the past but none as good as Megan.   She is passionate and knowledgeable at what she does and with her continued support I am excited about what the future holds."
- Kent Kafentzis, HGG Client

"Megan Roosevelt Testimonial: Healthy Grocery Girl Rocks! Megan brings a fun, professional, and extremely easy way to improve one’s health through their nutrition. She is full of invaluable information that she delivers in an easy to understand way. I work with patients every day who need her services. I see professional athletes to the stay at home moms. We all need help with our food and nutrition and Megan is the perfect person to do it. Thank you Healthy Grocery Girl for making nutrition simple and convenient! Ross C. Keys, DC, DACBSP Adventure  Chiropractic Kangen Water™"
- Ross C. Keys, DC, DACBSP

"Megan Roosevelt Testimonial: Healthy Grocery Girl, Megan, has both educated and influenced a number of my clients as to how proper nutrition can can make the greatest lifestyle change. Her knowledge in nutrition has also allowed me to understand the breakdown of foods on a scientific level . As a Fitness Trainer I have found Megan to be a valuable resource to many of my client's who are diabetic, overweight, or have eating disorders . Her unique method of counseling takes you beyond just her office but apply's "in-store" shopping techniques in order to make proper dietary choices. I also look forward to working with Megan on implementing a "performance based" nutrition design for my sport specific clients and athletes ."
- Sam B. Certified Personal Fitness Trainer

"Megan Roosevelt Testimonial: When I retired last year I decided to make “me” my first project: lose weight, exercise, and be healthier.  Megan has helped me tremendously with this goal—from cleaning out all the “bad” foods from the kitchen to designing meal plans.  I’ve lost 50 pounds, learned how to shop and eat healthy, and made a good friend."
- Claudia H. HGG Client

"Megan Roosevelt Testimonial: I can't say enough good about my relationship with Megan. She and I have collaborated on multiple workshops and projects, focusing on sharing our knowledge with and navigating the confusing world of nutrition for our clients. Megan is a ray of light and full of energy. Her interactions with clients are authentic, personalized and full of fun. She is an experienced nutritionist and dietician and a valuable resource for anyone seeking nutritional guidance. I simply adore and have the utmost respect for Megan and she has my highest recommendation."
- Tina Leigh Natural Food Chef

"Megan Roosevelt Testimonial: Working with the Healthy Grocery Girl has helped me gain confidence in how to eat right for my body, and live with more confidence and ease in my attitude towards food. I needed help after an invasive stomach surgery, to get a balanced, complete, exciting diet introduced back into my life. Working with Megan has helped empower me to do that."
- Sarah W. HGG Client

"Megan Roosevelt Testimonial: I found that after I was working with Healthy Grocery girl, & eating what I should, my energy has gone way up, my weight & body fat has gone way down & I don't feel tired nearly as much. I'd highly recommend HGG for anyone serious about changing their life & self esteem."
- Jared S. HGG Client

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