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The Healthy Grocery Girl Show

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#OWNShow Mashed Potato Alternative               #OWNShow Roasted Cauliflower                           #OWNShow Recipes Using Coconut Oil


ABCs KATU AM NW Indulge w/out the Bulge   CBS KCAL9 Los Angeles Make At Home            ABCs KATU AM NW Healthy Condiments


ABC’s KATU AM NW Holiday Party Snacks       ABC’s KATU “No-Cook Meals”                              ABC’s KATUAM NW-“Lunch Box Staples”


ABCs KATU AM NW Summer Thirst Quenchers   ABCs KATU Shop Healthy on a Budget          ABCs KATU AM NW  The Truth About GMOs


ABCs KATU AM NW A Satisfying Salad               ABCs KATU AM NW 3 Hot Super foods                ABCs KATU AM NW Smart Snack Bar


ABCs KATU AM NW Unhealthy “Health” Foods  ABCs KATU AM NW Healthy Pantry Staples    ABCs KATU AM NW Healthy Holiday Treats


ABCs KATU AM NW Healthier Thanksgiving     ABCs KATU AM NW Boost Your Immunity         ABCs KATU AM NW Energy Boosting Foods


ABCs KATU AM NW Five Food Ingredients to Avoid


What is the HGG Nutrition Plan?                             HGG Nutrition Plan Announcement Video



Megan Roosevelt, Healthy Grocery Girl Founder

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