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Hi there! My name is Megan Roosevelt and I am the founder of Healthy Grocery Girl. Thank you for visiting our site! Here is a little more about me.


Megan Roosevelt is a plant-based Registered and Licensed Dietitian as well as the founder and CEO of healthygrocerygirl.com. She is an author, web TV host, producer and regular nutrition expert for magazines, TV and digital media including the Oprah Winfrey Network, ABC and CBS. Healthy Grocery Girl focuses on creating fun and informative nutrition content such as the Healthy Grocery Girl® Nutrition Plan and Online Community as well as the “The Healthy Grocery Girl® Show”, a weekly online cooking and healthy lifestyle talk show. 

Healthy Grocery Girl promotes a real, whole foods and plant-based dietary lifestyle that also includes healthy grocery finds making nutrition realistic and delicious.

REGISTERED DIETITIAN AND NUTRITIONIST: Megan provides personal nutrition coaching virtually and in-person to a range of clients from busy moms to top CEOs. Visit HERE to learn how you can work with Megan as your person Dietitian.

PUBLISHED AUTHOR: Megan’s first published book debuted in March of 2014, “Superfoods for Life, Coconut”. Visit HERE to order your copy.

SPEAKER: A dynamic speaker, Megan has a relaxed yet informative approach to nutrition. Her presentations can be tailored to suit specific audiences, ranging from corporate wellness presentations and seminars, organizations, small groups, events or nutrition workshop series. To learn more and hire Megan to speak at your next event visit HERE.

NUTRITION EXPERT for TV, RADIO AND MAGAZINES: Megan is a regular nutrition expert for various television shows and is the host and producer of the popular Healthy Grocery Girl Show on YouTube. She has a captivating and inspirational presence with the ability to translate difficult nutrition information into easy to understand information. To collaborate with Megan please send us an email at info@healthygrocerygirl.com or drop us a line through our CONTACT PAGE.

TESTIMONY: Megan is passionate about helping others achieve health because in her youth she struggled with her own health. Megan’s mission is to help others heal in mind, body and soul so that they can live their best life. Taking care of our body through good nutrition is just one way we can respect, love and nutritionally restore our body. 

PERSONAL LIFE: When Megan unplugs from running and growing Healthy Grocery Girl she enjoys cooking, hiking, running, paddle boarding, being outdoors, reading and spending time with her Husband.

FUN FACTS: Megan is great at free-style singing and rapping (this is subjective), is blood related to Theodore and Eleanor Roosevelt as well as Franklin Delano Roosevelt as a distant cousin, and can be counted on to burn toast while editing videos at the same time.

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