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 Megan Roosevelt
is a fun loving foodie, Registered and Licensed Dietitian, Nutrition Consultant, Media Spokesperson, Public Speaker and dynamic entrepreneur as the founder and CEO of Healthy Grocery Girl LLC.

Healthy Grocery Girl and her team offer nutrition services that fuel and equip busy individuals to achieve their health, freeing them to enjoy and live a real life, rooted in their purpose and passion.

ENTREPRENEUR: Megan is the founder and owner of Healthy Grocery Girl LLC, established in 2010. Megan is passionate Healthy Grocery Girl for a number of reasons;

One. She loves healthy food.
Two. She loves how healthy nutrition can heal, fuel and transform bodies and minds into better, stronger and healthier people.
Three. She loves to help people live a whole meaningful life not held back by sickness, disease, nutrition frustration, addiction or insecurity.
Four. She wanted to provide people with hands on realistic tools and resources to transform their eating environment as well as provide on-going guidance and support for a healthy lifestyle change.
Five. She wanted to love going to “work” everyday. And love it, she does!

REGISTERED DIETITIAN AND NUTRITIONIST: Megan believes each person is a unique individual with specific dietary preferences, goals and needs. She works with each individual to asses their health history, nutrition frustrations and then provides goals and resources to begin their healthy lifestyle change.

Megan also provides a cleanse for client’s kitchens, known as a Healthy Kitchen Makeover. Healthy Grocery Girl cleans, organizes and removes all unhealthy items from her clients presence, re-stocking their kitchen with only the healthiest of nourishment to support their lifestyle, schedule and health needs. Healthy Grocery Girl will also create custom meal plans for clients and their family.

AUTHOR: Megan’s first book comes out December 2013! Stay tuned!

SPEAKER: A dynamic speaker, Megan has a relaxed yet informative approach to nutrition. Her customized presentations are tailored to suit specific audiences, ranging from corporate wellness presentations and seminars, organizations, small groups, events or nutrition workshop series.

GUEST NUTRITION EXPERT for TV, RADIO AND MAGAZINES: Megan has a captivating and inspirational presence with the ability to translate difficult nutrition information into easy to understand information. Megan is available for local and national media appearances and presentations. She believes with the outlet of media’s ability to reach a multitude of individuals, it is one of the best methods to help bless a multitude of individuals. She enjoys and looks forward to growing this portion of her career.

TESTIMONY: Megan hasn’t always been a Healthy Girl. In high school and college she struggled with anorexia and bulimia. She knew she was not healthy, however she didn’t know how to overcome her frustrating and consuming health problems, which held her back in most all areas of her life. It wasn’t until Megan began her journey of nutrition education in college that she really began to understand and appreciate the amazing human body and the complexity and healing properties of good nutrition. A combination of her nutrition education and her Faith helped heal her from her destructive nutrition past. She is glad to say that she does not even recognize the woman in her past because she is now so passionate about taking care of and feeding her body well.

However, she is glad she endured such struggles because they have given her strength, depth and empathy for others who are struggling with their own health and may feel held back in life because of it. Today Megan is an advocate for living a healthy lifestyle, and helping others to achieve and enjoy a happy healthy life.

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“Each one of my clients I truly care about it! I understand nutrition is a sensitive subject. I understand that people are hesitant to make changes. Change is scary. All change requires us to let go of what is comfortable and embrace something new. However, my goal in my practice is to focus on what is gained when we begin a healthy lifestyle change, not focusing on what is lost. I focus on the amazing quality foods that are available to us when we eat natural, real and nutritionally rich foods. Avocados, nuts, dark chocolate, complex hearty grains.. all these foods are delicious and accepted into a healthy diet! And let me clarify that I actually hate the word diet. When you hear “diet” do you not just think of deprivation? Who really ever wants to be on a diet? I support healthy lifestyles that begin with small manageable and realistic changes. And coincidentally, when we are eating healthier, exercising, reducing our stress, managing and balancing our lives… we start to feel better, look better, and our bodies begin to self-heal. Our bodies are a beautiful creation! Being healthy is sexy. Being healthy is happiness. Being healthy is empowering. Being healthy is life changing- it’s live-GIVING! Are you ready for a healthy makeover? I can’t wait to meet you!” – Your Healthy Grocery Girl, Megan

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