1st Grade Homeschool Curriculum & Pre-K Picks

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In 2024 / 2025 I will be teaching 1st grade and pre-k homeschool! Here are my favorite picks for the upcoming school year including our morning basket, books we love, morning virtues (hymns, bible verses, manner, character, read-alouds), language arts, reading, writing, spelling, math, geography, history, science, nature study, Spanish, piano and more! You can watch the full video below where I share flip throughs of programs and learn more! I’ve also listed out the items we love with links below!


Black and White ABC Cards

Character Cards

Colorful ABC Cards / Manners / Hygiene Cards

Everyday Graces Book

Manners Can Be Fun Book

Connoisseur Kids (Etiquette, Manners Books)

ABC Devotional

Preschool Morning Binder

Primer (Kinder) Morning Binder

Days of the Week Poster

Months of the Year Poster

Apply Study (Nutrition Program for Kids)

Pumpkin Study (Nutrition Program for Kids)

Daily Rhythm Cards (Visual Kid Calendar)

My Online Shop!


This is the program we’ll use for Hymn, Bible Verse, Manners, Hygiene and Read-Alouds!

Gentle and Classical Press Primer & Sequence 1


The Good and The Beautiful (We’ll be using preschool, pre-k and 1st grade in 24 / 25


Dash Into Learning Phonics Program – Code: HGG15 for 15% off

Bob Books


Dash Into Learning Handwriting Program

Draw Write Now

Draw / Write Paper

A Reason For Handwriting (We’ll be using level K and A in 24 / 25)


A Reason For Spelling (We’ll be using Level A in 24 / 25)


Math U See

Good and The Beautiful

Learning To Tell Time Clock

Telling The Time Flashcards


Good and The Beautiful

Nature Study


Gentle and Classical Press – Sequence 1

Adventures To The New World: Part 1 and Part 2 (Coming Soon!)


Gentle and Classical Press – Sequence 1

Home Geography Book

The 50 States Book



Me On The Map

Art + Music Program


Spanish – First 100 Words Book

Piano – Hoffman Academy (code LEARN for 10% off)


A Child’s Garden of Verses

A Children’s Book of Virtues

Aesops Fables

Mother Goose

The Tree Book

Little Pilgrim’s Progress

The Ology

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Disclosure: Many of the links above are affiliate links which means I earn a small commission when you shop through my link! This does not cost you anything extra, rather by shopping through my links or from my online shop here it makes it possible for me to continue to keep create videos! Thank you so much for supporting my small business! Thank you also to A Reason For, Little School of Smiths and Lovevery for gifting us with your programs this year!

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