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Hi Friends! Welcome back to the blog. I love trying new natural products & sharing about them with you! If you’re into living a healthy lifestyle you likely are already mindful to eat real, wholesome plant-based foods. From there you may want to adopt a natural beauty, personal care or home cleaning routine – this is where things can get overwhelming! There are so many products and when it comes to personal and home care, we typically have our favorites we’ve used for years. Some Organic products can also be expensive and it’s a real bummer to spend a lot of money on a new foundation, mascara or facial cream only to discover that you don’t care for it. Deodorant was the first natural personal care product I switched to when I was working on creating a more natural beauty routine. Since then, I’ve tried a lot of different options, some great, some okay and some I would not recommend. Recently I tried Spruce Naturals an Organic, natural deodorant that actually works.

I typically go for unscented deodorant, lotion or beauty products to avoid fragrance and also because my skin is sensitive. However, I was pleased with their scented options as well, lavender and lemongrass + pine. They are really mild – I don’t feel like everyone can smell my deodorant and their scent is natural from Organic essential oils. Below is a few highlights on this great brand!

Spruce Naturals

Spruce Naturals deodorant is made from bacteria- fighting coconut oil, soothing shea, wetness-absorbing baking soda, and deodorizing blends of essential oils

  • It’s free of the bad stuff (aluminum and paraben)
  • It’s certified organic, vegan, & cruelty free
  • It’s handmade in the USA
  • Smells great!

Check out Spruce Naturals here if you’d like to give their deodorant a try!

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