Iced Cinnamon Latte

Do you like coffee? Wait, let me rephrase that… Do you LOVE coffee?  I sure do! In college I worked at a coffee shop and it was then that I really learned about coffee. I learned about the difference between coffee, espresso, cappuccino and how to create heavenly frothy milk for lattes. During my coffee shop days I also learned about the health benefits of the coffee bean. Of course the coffee shop also offered milkshakes, flavored lattes and mochas with loads of syrup, whipped cream and ice-cream (as all coffee shops do). We know that these sugar-filled coffee options are not healthy choices. However, just because these types of coffee beverages are unhealthy, it does mean that coffee is unhealthy! Coffee, which comes from a bean, has many health benefits! Sure, we need to consume coffee in moderation however if you love coffee like I do, I am sure you’ll enjoy celebrating the benefits of coffee!

I’m sharing a few of the health benefits of coffee today on Inspired Home in my most recent article as a contributor. For a sneak peek, I’ve posted an expert below with answers to frequently asked coffee questions.

Also I created a really simple & yummy Iced Cinnamon Latte to celebrate! Enjoy!

How Much Coffee Should You Drink In A Day?

Although coffee does provide health benefits, enjoy in moderation. Coffee is also a diuretic meaning that is promotes the production of urine, pulling water from the body, which can lead to dehydration. The FDA states that 400 milligrams of caffeine (that’s about four cups of coffee) per day is anupper limit for healthy adults. Exceeding this amount can be dangerous and result in insomnia, stomach upset, tremors and further dehydration.

How To Drink Coffee, The Healthy Way

Avoid high-fat, high-sugar coffee beverages, such as those you’d typically find at your local coffee shop. The best option is to consume black Organic coffee, to avoid pesticides. If you’re not quite ready to drink black coffee, try adding a splash of non-dairy milk and a sprinkling of spices such as cinnamon for a boost in flavor.

Iced Cinnamon Latte

Get the full recipe & learn more about the health benefits of coffee here

Iced Cinnamon Latte

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