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Hi Friends! Before Ella arrived I posted this photo of our bassinet on Instagram and many of you asked for me to share my thoughts and a review of the SNOO after Ella was born! So that is exactly what today’s post is all about…

On my side of the bed we have the SNOO, which we have been transitioning Ella to sleep in. The SNOO Smart Sleeper is the safest and smartest bassinet created by Dr. Harvey Karp, author of The Happiest Baby On The Block. The SNOO applies Dr. Karp’s popular 5 S’s soothing techniques, giving your baby a perfect 4th Trimester for safe and happy sleep. The 5 S’s are… Swaddle, Stomach or Side Position, Swoosh, Swing, Suck.

I saw SO many positive reviews about the SNOO on The Happiest Baby’s Instagram page and was really eager to see how our Ella would take to the SNOO. To be honest, we weren’t sure if the SNOO would work for us at first! Ella did not like to be swaddled or lay on her back in the first week or two. I thought perhaps our baby was unique in her dislike for being swaddled and laying on her back. However, I learned that most new babies are this way and that with consistent practice she would learn to enjoy being swaddled and it would help calm and sooth her. I would say for anyone who has the same experience – don’t give up! Continue to swaddle your baby, especially with the SNOO swaddle! I try and put her in the SNOO swaddle when I’m nursing her before a nap or bedtime to help her get comfortable with the sleep sack which is a super simple swaddle with a zipper.

Right now Ella is currently sleeping 4 – 6 hours in her initial stretch when we first put her to bed for the night and then wakes about every 2 – 3 hours for the remainder of the morning to nurse. Of course, her schedule is always changing because she is growing and changing herself! Some mornings she wakes every 1.5 hours to eat after her initial long stretch – however, that first long initial stretch is SO amazing and we continue to see her sleep improve!

If you’re struggling with getting your baby to sleep for longer stretches, the SNOO is the best bassinet to invest in. Their website has so much more information, click here to learn more! In summary, would I recommend SNOO? Yes! It really is an amazing bassinet to help you and your little one get sleep and have peace of mind. As a new parent knowing that your baby is safe and sound is priceless.

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