Great Job Mama Podcast Trailer

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Hey Mamas! The Great Job Mama Podcast is LIVE and you can listen to the trailer below or on iTunes!!

The inspiration for this podcast really started when my daughter Ella was born. I pretty much immediately felt overwhelmed. I struggled with anxiety and shock from the amount of responsibility I had as a new mom. One phrase I was told again & again by my friends, and family & my followers on social media was, “You’re doing a great job mama!”

This encouragement boosted my mood, gave me confidence & was a reminder that yes, this is hard but I am doing my best and I am doing a great job!

I started to wonder how many mamas hear they are doing a great job? Would it help moms who are going through all the stages of motherhood from TTC through postpartum and beyond if there was more support, more encouragement and more examples of women sharing their honest struggles AND happy memories. The hardships and the heart-warming moments.

I know the answer is a big loud YES because I’ve been there. My idea for Great Job Mama was born. My vision for this podcast and community is that it’s not about me. This is about YOU and connecting & supporting moms.

While Motherhood is the most amazing job and journey, it can also be a lonely, exhausting & overwhelming.

At Great Job Mama guests get candid & real, sharing stories about the hard, humorous, heart-warming and not so glamorous side of motherhood. It’s like a good long chat with your BMF – your best mom friend. So grab a cup of tea and put on your favorite yoga pants – I’m already wearing mine! I hope this podcast will inspire you, help you feel connected & encouraged through all seasons of motherhood because if no one has told you… you’re doing a Great Job Mama!

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