Episode 1: Great Job Mama Podcast | Unmedicated Births and Creating A Successful Organic Beauty Brand with Emily Silverstein

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Friends! It’s here! Season ONE Episode ONE of the Great Job Mama Podcast! Our very first guest is the incredibly inspiring woman, mom and friend… Emily Silverstein! Emily is the owner of Urban Oreganics (a handcrafted clean skin care company), mama of Max & Milo, and avid home remodeler. Check out the podcast highlights below and you can also listen to the episode right here on the blog!

Podcast Highlights

– Emily shares the birth story of her first and then second son

– Her experience with an unmedicated home birth versus a birth center

– Her inspiration for starting an Organic beauty brand from home

– How she balances the blend of work + mama life

– Family Meal Prepping + healthy eating tips

Listen Here:


Emily’s Website: https://www.urbanoreganics.com

Emily’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/urbanoreganics/

Emily’s Facebook: https://facebook.com/urbanoreganics 

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