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Hi Friends! Today I’m going to share a small tour of our homeschool room. This is a multi-use space so it’s also our playroom and guest room when we have a visitor stay with us. Watch the video below for the full tour!

Last year we completed all of our school at the dining room table and that was a great start for us. However, because we work from home and homeschool I just felt that there was too much going on in the same space and it was a little overwhelming. I really am loving having our school take place in our shared playroom / homeschool room now because I can lay out and organize items the night before and we are also right next to our school closet for access to construction paper, school workbooks and more. 

One of my favorite features in this room is our chalkboard. Aaron and I made this chalkboard which I’ll link to the video here.

I also have some items on our wall that are from our Nutrition Schoolhouse shop. This is an online shop I created to share learning resources for kids to inspire a love for fruits and veggies. A few of my favorite items from the Nutrition Schoolhouse shop is our ABC board using these ABC Cards and also our Daily Rhythm Cards.

The daily rhythm cards come in a pack of 198 cards so there are lot of options for how to organize your day including creating a calendar and weather station.

We currently do school about 3-5 mornings a week. Once a week we have dance class, we also go to the library about once a week and then my MIL helps watch our kids for a few hours, a few times a week when we work. So having these rhythm cards helps my daughter know what is on the schedule for the day.

Next to our homeschool table is a closet which is where I store our homeschool curriculum, art and craft supplies and all other homeschool items. I also store our seasonal books and crafting supplies in totes as well. As you watch the video tour, you’ll learn more about each item in our closet!

I really wanted to create a calm and cozy place for our learning this year and we are really grateful for this room. Thanks so much for reading today’s blog and watching today’s video!

I share our homeschool days and what we’re working on more in my IG stories so if you ever want to see what our homeschool day looks like make sure to follow me on @healthygrocerygirl and also over at @nutritionschoolhouse, the small business I started to share nutrition education learning resources for kids.



Daily Rhythm Cards, ABC Cards, ABC Playmats, Apple Study


Primer Bundle (Kindergarten-1st but flexible enough that we are using it for Pre-K), 6 Preschool Bundle (Not featured in video but definitely a great option for preschoolers!), Preschool Morning Binder, Kindergarten Morning Binder, Nature Program, Art + Music Program

We also are loving The Good & The Beautiful preschool program and we’ll move onto the Pre-K program once we complete the preschool program.


MathLink Cubes, Pattern Block Math Activity Set, Learning Step-by-Step Number Line 1-20, Helping Hands Fine Motor Tool Set, Number Construction Set, Letter Construction Set, Magnifier & Tweezers, Pattern Block Activity Set


Weather Board, Number Counters


My First Busy Book (Toddler / Preschool Velcro Activity Book)

Dash into Learning Early Readers (Discount code: HGG15)

Character Cards

Cut and Paste Activity Book

Wood ABC Letters

Zipper Pouch Organizers

Dry Erase Pockets

Dress I’m Wearing In Video 🙂

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