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Nibbles of Nutrition

February 28, 2015

Happy Saturday!! 

Some of you may remember that in January we launched a Healthy Habits Challenge which consisted of a 31 Day Calendar. The goal was to follow the calendar and complete one healthy habit each day. The call to actions varied from a simple plant-based recipe to try, a positive affirmation to focus on that day or a healthy habit to practice! Originally we launched this resource just for our Healthy Grocery Girl Nutrition Plan Members and it was really fun to complete this with our members!

For March we decided to offer another Healthy Habits Challenge, however this time it will be a little different. This calendar will be FREE for EVERYONE to participate! What is even more fun than free is… friendship!! This month’s challenge is in partnership with my friend Desiree Hartsock from! I have been a recipe and health…

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February 26, 2015

Hello Friends! Today I am sharing with you 2 tea recipes that I like to enjoy in the evening. Although, you could enjoy these recipes anytime of the day!

For me personally, I love to sip on hot tea after dinner and before bed. It is relaxing, comforting and satisfying. You can of course enjoy the flavors of tea just as they are whether from a tea bag or loose leaf. Or you can spice up your tea with fun additions such as non-dairy milk, slices of fresh fruit, even additional herbs, spices and natural sweeteners like maple syrup and fresh ginger! My 2 favorite evening tea recipes include a Creamy Chamomile With Lavender Herbal Tea and a Ginger Lemon Tea. 

One of my favorite brands of tea is Traditional Medicinals. I really love that Traditional Medicinals tea is USDA Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified. Their tea tastes really great…

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February 19, 2015

Hello Friends! Today’s blog post and video is a grocery haul! With a budget of $25 dollars I went to the grocery store, Whole Foods Market to be exact, and picked up a selection of Organic, natural and plant-based foods! The focus of this grocery shopping trip was to stock up on staple items.

I often hear people say that eating healthy is too expensive. Hopefully after watching today’s video you will see that eating healthy can be incredibly affordable and enjoyable! Eating a plant-based diet is also a great way to save money. You can learn more on How To Shop Like A Nutrition Pro in the Healthy Grocery Girl Nutrition Plan.

However, as you can see from my list below, sweet potatoes, beans, rice, bananas and so forth are some of the most affordable items at the grocery store, that are actually healthy for you.


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February 12, 2015

Happy Thursday! If you’re looking for a heart healthy, quick and delicious breakfast, I have just the thing for you!

Cherry Chia Overnight Oats

This is a great make-ahead breakfast that you can take with you on the go. The inspiration for this recipe came from our Cherry Chia Walnut Oatmeal recipe in the Healthy Grocery Girl Nutrition Plan. I love warm creamy oatmeal, especially on a chilly Fall or Winter morning. However, this overnight version is perfect for those in need of nourishment, fast!

Watch how I make this easy breakfast in today’s Healthy Grocery Girl Show episode,  just click play below. If you have a friend you think would enjoy this recipe, please pass along this blog post to them! Sharing is caring xx

3cherrychiaovernightoats 4CherryChiaOvernightOats



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February 5, 2015

Hello everyone! 

I am excited to finally share with you that… Healthy Grocery Girl was asked to curate the March 2015 snack boxes for Love With Food!! 

HGG + Love With Food Snack Boxes

Love With Food is a monthly snack subscription box that focuses on healthy, natural and organic snacks. For every box sent out, they donate a meal to a program that helps feed hungry children. The organization I chose to have donations sent to is the Oregon Food Bank, being that I am based in Oregon. 

As a curator, I helped select each snack that will you will receive!

Sneak Peek Video!

Today I am sharing with you a sneak peek of some of the snacks that will be in the Healthy Grocery Girl + Love With Food March 2015 Snack Boxes!



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