Did you know that more than 250 million tons of waste are generated each year in the United States? Did you know that the average American family produces nearly 125 pounds of trash every week? 

It’s amazing is we stop to think about how much we waste and / or throw away.  I know that I definitely can be better! I was curious how much we waste in our house on a weekly basis and so I’m taking the Less Waste Challenge with Tom’s of Maine. You can join me! 

Here’s how it works. To get started first, take the pledge here. Then for one week, try to reduce your household waste and track your progress using the Waste Less Tracker (see below).

Waste Less Tracker

Ideas To Reduce Household Waste! 

  1. Switch to paperless billing
  2. Use your own coffee travel mug (instead of a paper cup from the coffee shop)
  3. Switch to a reusable water container
  4. Bring reusable shopping totes with you to the grocery store (Order An HGG Tote!)
  5. Shop in bulk and / or at farmer’s markets
  6. Plan meals so you grocery shop for exactly what you need!
  7. Store food properly in the fridge and freezer to prevent food spoilage and waste
  8. Reuse! Empty glass jar of pickles? Don’t throw it away! Remove the label, wash and reuse as a vase, drinking glass or for food storage!
  9. Recycle 
  10. Compost

For more ideas to “waste less” check out these videos from Tom’s of Maine! 

  1. Less Waste Tip – Start a Swap 
  2. Less Waste Tip – Go Paperless 


Disclosure: Healthy Grocery Girl is a Tom’s of Maine Goodness Circle Blogger 

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