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Nutrition can be overwhelming to keep up with… right? It seems that everyday there is a new diet or food rule. The good news is, the best diet is the one that works for you, whether it’s trending or not. Today we’re chatting about the Ketogenic diet – particularly because it is a trending diet and you may have some questions! As always before making any major dietary changes, it’s best to meet with and discuss your diet with a Healthcare Professional such as a Registered Dietitian.

The Ketogenic Diet originated in the 1920’s from doctors who used this diet method to treat epilepsy. Today it is being used for attempted weight loss; as with most diet programs, the Ketogenic diet may be beneficial for some under the guidance of their healthcare professional. However, it can be dangerous if used as a common everyday diet. To learn more about the history, potential benefits as well as cautions & concerns about using the Ketogenic diet read my full article on the Inspired Home website here!

Healthy Grocery Girl is a contributor for the IHA Inspired Home Website.

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