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We love everything about Fall! The cool weather, scarves, pumpkins, warm drinks and especially apple cider donuts! Unfortunately, it can be hard to find a healthier version of this deep fried fall favorite. We are excited to share with you a baked (and gluten-free) version of this delicious donut, that is sure to satisfy your fall cravings and also provide you with some nutrition.

You guys these Apple Cider Donuts are gluten-free & vegan & really, really good! They are soft, sweet and full of flavor!

Growing up every Sunday after church we would stop by the local grocery store and pick out donuts. Then we’d come home and my mom would make eggs to go with the donuts and we’d watch cartoons. This was such a fun special memory for me because 1. DONUTS and 2. I loved that my family had a little tradition every week! I always wanted to eat like 2 bear claws, a twist and handful of powered sugar donut holes… No explanation needed if you’re a foodie. I love food but as an adult I now understand the importance of being healthy – one of the reasons I started my business! Anywho – I usually was allowed to get one donut – so I picked out the biggest I could find! Sometimes on Sundays I get a craving for donuts – mostly because of the memory! I’m so happy to have this recipe now when I’m in the mood!


Healthy Grocery Girl is a recipe and recipe video contributor to the Inspired Home website. We created this recipe for Inspired Home and you can get the full recipe here!  

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