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Hi Friends! Welcome back to the blog! I am 16 weeks pregnant as of today! I have and still am experiencing morning sickness, although now that I’m in my second trimester it is better than the first trimester! I’ve found a few natural remedies that have helped temporarily relieve the feelings of nausea, and I’m excited to share them with you. I’d love to know what works for you so please share with us in the comments below!


My acupuncture doctor recommended these Sea Bands to me. I wasn’t sure if they were really going to be that helpful, but we picked some up and they actually work! You can also order them online here. They are pretty tight so the small plastic ball the puts pressure into your wrist starts to bother my skin after many hours, for example sometimes I sleep with them on and in the morning I feel my skin needs a break. So I recommend giving your wrists a break from time to time but they are definitely worth it if you’re experiencing any morning sickness! These are the Sea Bands I have!


Ginger is great for an upset stomach and helps with digestion. I’ve been eating these Ginger candies which I love! I’ve also been drinking ginger tea! This is my favorite brand. Lastly, you can also slice a few pieces of fresh ginger and add to water with or without lemon. The sour flavor profile of lemon has been said to also help ease an upset stomach or nausea.


The first few weeks of pregnancy, nothing sounds good and in fact a lot of my previous favorite foods sounded gross! At first I didn’t have much of an appetite but then I realized when my stomach was empty I felt really nauseous. I learned to try and “get ahead” of my morning sickness my eating first thing when I woke up and eating regular, small amount throughout the day. Right now I eat about 5 – 7 times a day.


Bland foods whether it’s oatmeal, crackers, toast or something similar is gentle on digestion. When I’m feeling nauseous any food with a strong flavor such as herbs or spices would make me feel sick. I’ve been eating these tortillas; these rice cakes and these English muffins.


I didn’t mention this in my video, however vitamin B6 is suppose to help with nausea! My mid-wife suggested taking 50 milligrams of vitamin B6 3 times per day. This is the brand I bought.


“They” say that it’s important to eat warm food for fertility. However, chilled water really helps with my morning sickness and also helped me stay hydrated. Most of my meals are hot so this helped me balance out the warm / cool food recommendation. When I drink a cold smoothie, I also follow it up with hot tea.


If I feel like I’m going to throw up I will drink cold water and either stand by an open window or walk around in our backyard. The fresh cold air really helps me feel better! It’s a catch 22 because I want to relax and rest however if I’m on the couch and in the house for too long I start to feel sick. Getting outside for a walk, a drive or just sitting on the patio for fresh air makes a big difference in how I feel.

Even though it’s uncomfortable, morning sickness is a good thing! Morning sickness can be a great sign that your baby is growing healthy & strong. These natural remedies can temporarily help relieve some discomfort or at least take the edge off.


What worked for you to help naturally alleviate or reduce morning sickness? Share with us in the comments below!

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