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Hi Friends! Welcome back to the blog. We are sharing our Fertility Story. This is a 6 part video series because it was just too much to put in one video. The videos are a combination of footage we shot during our years trying to conceive & new videos. You can watch the full series below! 

To be honest, I was really nervous & not quite sure I wanted to share. I’ve never shared anything this personal on our website or YouTube channel before. As a woman having a baby feels like it should be such a natural thing, so when it doesn’t happen naturally, easily – it really messes with your emotions in so many ways. Embarrassed. Failure. Not Enough. These were lies that I struggled with. During our years trying to conceive (also known as TTC). In addition to my faith one of the things that gave me so much hope was connecting with others who shared their fertility ups and downs. It reminded me I was not alone or a failure. It gave me hope! All I can wish is that by sharing our story we can help one woman, one couple who is currently having a really hard day feel a little more hopeful! Thank you also for giving us such a kind and non-judgemental space to be so transparent and honest with you. We really cherish and value each of you!!

In our addition to our Thursday Food + Wellness videos we have started a Pregnancy Video Series on Tuesdays! Make sure you’re subscribed to our channel so you don’t miss a video. 


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