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Hi Friends! Welcome back to Healthy Grocery Girl! As many of you know I eat dairy-free and gluten-free and I love pizza! Which is why I was so excited to be invited to the Daiya + Blaze Pizza Event!

Blaze Pizza is a gathering spot that offers crazy good scratch-made pizza. I love that their pizza dough is made from scratch and cooked with fire, which results in the tastiest pizza! Their dough recipe was created by Chef Brad Kent, one of the top Zagat-rated pizza chefs in America. Every ingredient on the Blaze menu is free of artificial flavors, colors and preservatives. I was thrilled to learn that Blaze Pizza is upping its pizza game for pizza fans with specific dietary needs – like me! Blaze Pizza now offers a new pizza free of gluten and dairy using Daiya’s new Cutting Board Collection Shreds. Blaze’s new dairy-free pizza using Daiya’s Cutting Board Collection Shreds will be available across its 237 restaurants nation-wide, which is amazing! To find your nearest Blaze Pizza click here!

If you’re not familiar with Daiya, Daiya is the leading maker of plant-based foods. Daiya’s new Cutting Board Collection Shreds are cheezier and provide the finest in melt, stretch, taste and texture. Daiya Cutting Board Collection Shreds are completely free of dairy, gluten and soy, and made with 100% plant-based and non-GMO ingredients.

I loved making my own pizza at the event, especially being pregnant this gal is always down for a snack! I chose the gluten-free crust, classic red sauce, Daiya Cutting Board Collection Shreds, spinach, olives and grilled onion. It was so good! I was so impressed with the quality of the gluten-free pizza crust. Typically in my experience a gluten-free crust feels like a lesser version of a traditional flour crust. However, the gluten-free crust as Blaze Pizza looks so similar to a traditional crust and has amazing taste and texture! Daiya’s new Cutting Board Collection Shreds were also really impressive. I almost didn’t believe that the cheese was dairy-free! It has amazing taste, texture and I love that it melts into a creamy, stretchy cheezy experience!

Here are some photos of the pizza I created!

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