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Hey Friends! Welcome back to the blog! Today we are sharing with you how to make a nutritious Meyer Lemon Prebiotic Juice. Prebiotics are foods that fuel or “feed” the good bacteria in your body! This allows the good bacteria to grow and thrive. All prebiotic foods are types of fiber, which may aid in digestion as well!

Meyer Lemon Prebiotic Juice

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  • 2 Limoneira Meyer lemons
  • 1 bunch dandelion greens
  • 2 leeks
  • 1/2 inch fresh ginger


  • Wash dandelion greens and leeks.
  • Peel and slice ginger.
  • Chop Meyer lemons. Remove the ends but keep the peel intact.
  • Add all ingredients to your juicer. Pour into glass with ice and enjoy!
  • Note: This is a strong juice. If you are new to juicing, add apples or cucumbers.
Author: Healthy Grocery Girl

This video was created for the Limoneira YouTube Channel! Megan Roosevelt, RDN is the Spokesperson for Limoneira. To see all our tips & videos makes sure to visit & subscribe to the Limoneira YouTube Channel! 

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