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Hi Friends! Welcome back to the blog! I am so excited to share with you the cover of my New Book “The 5 Day Juicing Diet” which is now available for pre-order here!! So much time, love and juicing went into creating this resource that I hope helps people fall in love with fruits & veggies even more!

The 5 Day Juicing Diet includes everything you need to know to start making fresh homemade juices from how to select the right juicer for you to over 100 recipes including juices, simple snacks and plant-based suppers! The book includes a 5-Day Plant-Powered Plan that is designed to nourish your body – no deprivation! You’ll enjoy a combo of fresh juices, blended juices, snacks and meals to help you sip and eat your way to long-term health.

Why I Love Juicing!

Here is an excerpt from my book on why I love fresh homemade juices and how it has helped improved my health…

I started juicing as a way to improve my energy levels and nourish my body. As a business owner and entrepreneur, I wear many hats, and soon realized that it’s easy to feel run-down. Like many people I fell in love with the power of coffee as fuel. I even worked in a coffee shop in college where I learned the history of coffee and how to make a fabulous espresso. I was hooked! I could easily enjoy one or two cups of coffee in the morning and then another cup in the afternoon, or maybe a latte, depending on my mood. While I loved coffee, I did not feel great about my dependency. If I didn’t have my morning coffee, I felt tired, inefficient, and pretty grumpy. If I didn’t get my afternoon latte, I would get a headache and experience a major energy slump. I also started to notice that my love for coffee meant I was not drinking enough water. My skin was dry, and I was breaking out in acne. While coffee helped me get through stressful workdays, it was also taxing my adrenal glands (glands that produce important hormones), which left me feeling even more exhausted. Oh, I still love coffee! Thankfully, coffee beans are packed with antioxidants and can fit into a healthy lifestyle. However, I no longer depend on it or need it as urgently as I did. I still enjoy one cup of a hot caffeinated beverage like coffee or tea on most days, but now it’s more about the experience. I mindfully enjoy a small cup of coffee or make a matcha latte with coconut milk. Today, I am all about balance and moderation, not deprivation, which is a key philosophy for a healthy food-and-body relationship. And this leads us to juicing. I started drinking juice and blended juices (see Juicing versus Blending, page 5) in an attempt to replace my afternoon cup of coffee. Almost immediately, I noticed how much better I felt. One of the signs of dehydration is mental fog, and wow, does juicing lift that fog. All the fruits and veggies in juices are energizing and surprisingly filling, especially when in a blended juice, which we’ll talk more about throughout this book.

The 5-Day Juicing Diet contains:

  • A Fool Proof 5-Day Plan with a juicing schedule and shopping lists to guide you
  • 100 Recipes with energizing flavor combinations of fruits and veggies for juices, snacks, and suppers
  • Helpful Tips with instructions on making your own juice, and guidance for incorporating juicing into your diet after the 5-day plan

Order a copy of my book here!

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