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Do you floss and rinse daily? See the Dentist every 6 months? These are dental habits we’ve been taught to fight cavities and have a healthy, bright smile. However, you may be surprised to learn about these additional benefits of healthy dental habits…

Benefits Of Good Dental Hygiene

  • Reduces Inflammation and Infection Within The Body: Gum disease has been linked to rheumatoid arthritis, an autoimmune disease that causes inflammation of the joints.
  • May Lower The Risk Of Heart Disease: Gum disease can result in chronic inflammation which has been associated with cardiovascular problems such as heart disease and stroke.
  • Helps Pregnant Women Carry Baby To Term: Some research studies have linked gum disease with preterm and low-birth-weight infants.
  • Boost Confidence and Self-Esteem: I think we can all agree that we feel better with a healthy smile!

If you love a good research study to back up your healthy habits check these out!

Brush, Floss & Rinse!

In addition to brushing and flossing daily, a quality mouth rinse is key. When I use the word mouthwash or mouth rinse you likely think of a bright blue liquid that leaves a burning or stinging sensation in your mouth. We’ve all been there! These problematic side effects are often due to chemicals, artificial ingredients and alcohol – which is a common mouthwash ingredient. For a long time, I accepted that this was the way mouth rinses worked. You may have even avoided a mouth rinse because you couldn’t find a natural option you felt good about using!

I’ve been using and loving Dr. H. & Co. which is an herbal based mouth rinse. Dr. H. & Co. mouth rinse is safe, gentle, and free of additives that can cause staining or stinging.

Does It Work?

You may be wondering, “but do natural mouth rinses work as well?” Upon further research I’ve learned that herbal mouth rinses can be just as effective as conventional rinses to fight against bacteria, infection, and disease. Of course, it depends on the quality of the product and the ingredients which is why I love that Dr. H. & Co. is created by an actual Dentist and dental expert.

Why Holistic Mouth Rinse?

More and more consumers (that’s you and me!) are becoming aware of and care about the quality of ingredients in their products from food to home to personal care. I love what Dr. H & Co. says on their website about the importance of using a holistic mouth rinse…

“When it comes to dental care, patients are more informed than ever about what’s going inside of their mouths. Oral products such as mouth rinses, toothpaste, and even some dental materials contain cheap chemicals and unwanted additives. The side effects aren’t always obvious, but we know enough to understand that they’re not necessarily worth the long-term risks. When smiles improve, so does a person’s overall health and quality of life. What goes into your mouth is easily absorbed by the mucous tissues. You wouldn’t want to use a product that contains unnatural ingredients that would be unhealthy to eat – so why use them in your toothpaste or mouth rinse?”

Dr. H. & Co. NEW! Refresh Dentist-Formulated

Holistic Mouth Rinse

Refresh is the only dentist-formulated, all-natural, herbal mouth rinse using Aloe Vera Gel, Licorice Root, Holy Basil, Calendula, and White Oak Bark. Click here for a full list of ingredients and additional product information.

Refresh Benefits!

  • Alcohol free
  • Vegan
  • Gluten-free
  • Has no chemical additives.
  • Non-toxic and safe to use everyday yet
  • Prevents gingivitis and bleeding gums
  • Kills germs that cause bad breath
  • Prevents tooth decay
  • Leaves your mouth clean and refreshed!


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Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Dr. H. & Co. Product facts provided by Opinions about the product are my own and genuine. We only promote products we love, use and believe our audience would love to know about!

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