Dried Lemon Peel Powder

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Lemon peels are packed with nutritional benefits such as D-Limonene, which has antioxidant properties! Did you know there are also antimicrobial compounds found in lemon peels? In 2011, a study was done showing that lemon peels contain flavanones and many polymethoxylated flavones, which may fight infection and pathogens in the body including bacteria, fungi and viruses. To read more about this study and the incredible benefits of lemons, click here.

This DIY Lemon Peel Powder is a great way to easily add lemon peel to smoothies, salad dressings, hot water & more!

Dried Lemon Peel Powder

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  • 18-20 Limoneira lemons


  • Wash lemons and then using a peeler, peel into long strips.
  • Add lemon peels to a dehydrator machine.
  • Dehydrate at 120 degrees Fahrenheit for 6-10 hours.
  • Allow peels to cool. Add peels into a food processor or blender and blend under powder forms.
  • Store powder in an air tight container.
  • Add to salad dressings, guacamole, hummus, finishing salt, seasoning blends, baked goods, granola, tea or anywhere else you love lemon zest!
Author: Healthy Grocery Girl

Clear storage container with lemon peel powder and a wooden spoon on top.

Glass container filled with lemon peel powder.  Glass container with citrus peel powder and dried peels in the background.This video was created for the Limoneira YouTube Channel! Megan Roosevelt, RDN is the Spokesperson for Limoneira. To see all our tips & videos makes sure to visit & subscribe to the Limoneira YouTube Channel!  

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