Coconut DIY Beauty Recipes

Have you ever read the ingredient list of your make-up, lotion or moisturizer? It can be alarming what chemicals are in some of these products! One of the reasons I love coconut so much is that it provides many great health and beauty benefits, yet is natural and toxic-free. In my book, “Superfoods for Life, Coconut” I devote an entire chapter to coconut for beauty including recipes for making your own coconut moisturizer, body scrubs and fascial masks.

In today’s Healthy Grocery Girl Show episode I share what beauty recipes are in my book as well as what to look for when buying coconut oil, a staple ingredient in my beauty recipes.

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Try this recipe from, “Superfoods for Life, Coconut”!

I know you’ll love it as much as I do!

DIY Beauty Sugar Scrub

Vanilla Coconut Body Scrub

Keep your skin smooth, silky, and smelling great with this homemade body scrub! This recipe is also very cost-effective. Yield: 2 cups (425 g)


1 cup (200 g) coconut sugar

1 cup (225 g) organic, raw, unrefined coconut oil, melted

10 drops pure vanilla essential oil


Place all of the ingredients in a medium size bowl. Using a whisk or handheld electric mixer, whip together until smooth.

Store the body scrub in a glass container, such as a mason jar. To use, simply slather onto your body, rubbing it on your skin to exfoliate, and rinse well.

For more DIY beauty recipes like this, and more healthy recipes in general, check out my book Superfoods for Life, Coconut

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