Postpartum Nutrition Plan: Week Two Giveaway

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I have eaten a bowl of oatmeal EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. since Ella was born. That is almost 365 bowls of oatmeal!! Why? Oats are a known lactogenic foods, meaning that they may support milk production. Every body is different, so there is no guarantee… but oats are great for you, so why not?! As someone who has struggled (and still struggles) with postpartum anxiety oatmeal has been a great end of the day snack that helps me feel calm and move into a peaceful night of sleep. For all my HGG Mamas I thought the Ultimate Oatmeal Giveaway would the perfect way to celebrate week two of the launch of the HGG Postpartum Nutrition Plan!

This week we are giving away an amazing care package of oat-goodies from Bob’s Red Mill!

Bob’s Red Mill Giveaway

Two Bags of Organic Gluten-Free Rolled Oats. Perfect for making that perfect bowl of oatmeal or adding into smoothies, energy bites or lactation cookies!

Two Bags of Bob’s Red Mill Flax Meal

One each flavor of Bob’s Red Mill Gluten-free oatmeal cups. They are so handy, just add water and ta-da! Your meal is ready.

One of each Bob’s Red Mill bar flavors! I love these for a quick snack!

To Enter The Giveaway!

1. Purchase the HGG Postpartum Nutrition Plan here! On sale this month only for $14!

2. Or join HGG as a Premium Member here! Use code MAMA for $40 off!

3. Visit HGG on Instagram here & follow the final entry steps as mentioned in the Instagram Post! Good Luck Mamas!

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