5 Uses For Lemon Peel

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Lemons are such an incredible fruit because they can be used for so many things from food, to beauty to cleaning! Did you know that not only can the inside of a lemon be used, but also the peel?! Using the whole lemon is such an easy way to promote sustainability and prevent food waste! Today we are going to talk about 5 Uses For Lemon Peel! 

5 Uses For Lemon Peel:

Grater Cleaner

Ever have food dried up on your grater after making a big dinner? Scrubbing a grater can be dangerous and tear up your sponges. Try using a juiced lemon! Simply scrub the grater with a juiced lemon half until food is removed. Rinse under warm water and enjoy your freshly clean grater!

Cutting Board Refresher

Wooden cutting boards are incredible, but most need to be hand washed instead of thrown in the dishwasher. To make this job easier, use a lemon! Take a juiced lemon half and scrub the wooden cutting board. This is a great refresher and uses the lemons antibacterial properties to clean in those grooves! Rinse with warm water, dry and it’s ready for use!

Sugar Scrub

Looking for a scrub for your hands that removes old dead skin cells while leaving you with hydrating and moisturized hands? Use this one made with lemon peel! Simply chop up a scrubbed lemon peel into small pieces. Add into a bowl with 1/2 cup of sugar and 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Stir together to form a clumpy mixture. Add a spoonful into your hands and scrub for 30 seconds. Rinse with warm water and dry for a soft and clean feel!

Metal Polish

Buying conventional metal polish can be expensive and full of chemicals. If you are looking to clean chrome or brass, this DIY polish is perfect for you! Simply use a juiced lemon half and dip into a small bowl of baking soda. Scrub metal with lemon and wipe off with clean dish towel for a beautiful shine!

Stove Top Humidifier

Sometimes the air inside our house can feel dry or even have an unpleasant smell! To add some moisture into the air and keep your house smelling incredible, make this simple stove top humidifier! Add lemon peel, eucalyptus leaves and water into a medium or large saucepan and simmer on low. Enjoy all day long!

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White bowl with sugar scrub and wooden spoon all on a grey towel.
Wooden bowl with baking soda and juiced lemon on the side on a grey towel.

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