Orange Fruit Salad Easter Basket

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One of our favorite parts about spring is fresh and nourishing fruit! It’s starting to get warmer and more produce is back in season, which means more variety of fresh fruit to enjoy! Are you looking for a delicious fruit recipe for upcoming events, such as Easter brunch? We have you covered with these adorable and delicious Orange Fruit Salad Easter Baskets!

These salads are a fun DIY snack activity for the kids or the perfect “wow” factor over the holiday weekend. These baskets are also a great way to use up the entire fruit and not waste the peel.

Orange skins filled with assorted fruit and a construction strip as basket handle.

Health Benefits of Fruit


Oranges are a great source of prebiotic fiber! This is the type of fiber that feeds your good gut microbes and helps them thrive! When those microbes are well nourish, your gut is able to heal itself and digestion runs smoother. Oranges are also a good source of potassium, which is essential for heart function, nerve function and muscle contraction


Citrus, such as limes contain antioxidants that are important for your body to fight free radicals. Free radicals are unstable molecules that can cause cell damage. Protecting your cells is helpful for the prevention for chronic diseases such as cancer.


Did you know that strawberries contain vitamin C? Along with being a great support for your immune health, vitamin C is also important for the production of collagen and protecting your cells from damage. Strawberries also contain folate, which helps with tissue growth and the functioning if cells.

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Orange Fruit Salad Easter Baskets

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  • 2 Limoneira navel oranges
  • 1 Limoneira cara cara orange
  • 1 Limoneira lime
  • ½ cup fresh strawberries
  • Fresh mint
  • Yellow construction paper


  • Cut the navel oranges in half. Using a large spoon carefully scoop out the whole fruit removing it from the white pith. You will be left with an orange peel bowl.
  • Next, dice the cara cara oranges, navel oranges, strawberries and mint.
  • Mix all together with juice from half of a lime.
  • Scoop the fruit back into the navel orange bowls and add a strip of yellow construction paper into the peel bowl to make baskets.
Author: Healthy Grocery Girl

Orange peel baskets filled with fruit.

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Two orange peels filled with fruit to look like an Easter Basket.

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