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Hi Friends! Welcome back to the blog! As many of you know I am the spokesperson for Limoneira Lemons for Life Campaign! Every month we create new videos featuring lemons & all of their citrus fruits. Below are our January Videos! In our main video I share how to make an easy Green Detox Smoothie, A Natural Lemon Yoga Mat Cleaner, Tips For Meal Prepping + My Current Fav Mason Jar Salad Recipe! In our bonus videos you’ll also learn How To Zest A Lemon, How To Juice A Lemon 3 Different Ways & also had to make an easy Lemon, Curd which is really great for making lemon pies!

How To Lemon Videos!

Disclosure: Healthy Grocery Girl provides video production services & Limoneira is a Healthy Grocery Girl video client. We love to share the work that we create for our clients! To work with us or for more information on our video production services we’d love to chat, please contact us here.

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