Hi Friends! Welcome back to the blog. Y’all know that I love to discover, learn about & share with you wellness products. I know that because you’re apart of the HGG Community, you love discovering new wellness products too! 

In today’s video I had the honor of meeting + chatting with Sauna Space founder, Brian Richards!

You may be wondering, what is a Near Infrared Sauna? You’ve likely heard of a sauna before & this is similar! However, compared to a traditional sauna that provides only heat therapy, a near infrared sauna also provides light therapy! Similar to the sun, this combo of light & heat has been said to have wonderful benefits! A few of the key benefits include cleansing & detoxification at a cellular level. The sauna space website states that, “Our Near Infrared Saunas are designed to stimulate cellular regeneration and anti-aging. The alliance of heat and light penetrate to the mitochondrial level to provide maximum detoxification in order to achieve the results you need.”

Sauna space makes their saunas right here in the U.S. which I love! They are also made with natural materials, zero VOC-rated, hypoallergenic wood and bamboo, chemical-free cotton. grown, spun, and woven in the USA and near zero EMF tungsten heat lamps.

Brian shares more about Sauna Space in today’s video! If you’re interested in learning even more I recommend visiting the Sauna Space website which provides answers to FAQs, as well as research data and articles regarding the benefits! 

Learn More About Sauna Space Here! 

I have been using Sauna Space for the past few months. Personally the biggest benefit I have noticed is the calming effect. When sitting in the sauna it’s warm, it smells good (likely due to the high quality bamboo materials), and it’s a great way to relax and care for my body. It’s been a wonderful natural resource to help me reduce stress & anxiety. 

Here Is How I Use My Infrared Pocket Sauna by Sauna Space!

  1. First I turn on the infrared lights.
  2. Then I place a towel under the stool & also a towel on the stool (this helps to catch sweat, it gets hot in there!)
  3. Next, I close the curtain and let it pre-heat for about 5 – 15 minutes.
  4. I usually wear just a sports bra and fitness shorts or just my underwear. 
  5. I love opening the Sauna Space curtain and being greeted by the warmth!
  6. Then I sit on the stool inside the sauna about 14 inches away from light bulbs with my eyes closed. 
  7. Every 3 – 5 minutes I rotate so that my body can evenly benefit from the infrared light. I realized the first time I had not idea how to judge how long 3 – 5 minutes and I didn’t want to count, so I set a timer on my phone with soft music. It’s also nice to play peaceful music & most songs are about 3 – 5 minutes in length which helps! 
  8. The first time I used Sauna Space I rotated just once on each side so I was in the Sauna for about 12 minutes. I noticed that I didn’t break a sweat at this duration so the next time I rotated twice on each side & stayed in the sauna for about 25 minutes. I got really warm at 25 minutes but didn’t sweat… that’s just me! Your experience may be different. However, after using the sauna for a few longer sessions (25 – 35 minutes) I did notice that I started to sweat which is ideal to help your body release toxins!!
  9. It’s safe to use the sauna for up to 45 minutes per day however I recommend starting slowly like I did to see how your body reacts. I use my sauna a few times a week, especially on days when I feel stressed or anxious and it help me relax! It’s also REALLY nice on days when the weather is cold, cloudy or rainy. 
  10. After the Suana I like to open the curtain and feel the cool fresh air and just relax for a little bit & let my body adjust. Then I like drink a big glass of water which helps to hydrate if you’ve sweat and flush toxins. Then I shower & either get on with my day or if I used the sauna at night, I’ll head to bed to read a book & enjoy a goods nights rest. 

Learn More About Sauna Space Here! 

FYI, Sauna Space has a great 10% off Tax Sale week special going on right now! 

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