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Hi Friends! Welcome back to Healthy Grocery Girl! Today I’m sharing with you what’s in our birth center bag.


Big Bag: I love this faux vegan leather bag! 

Camera. This is the camera we use! 


Charged camera Battery

iPhone & iPhone Charger for mom & dad 

Music Playlist

Bluetooth Speaker

Waterproof pads to put in the car in case my water breaks on the water to the birth center. These are the ones I bought. 


Oatmeal Packets

Peanut Butter

Pre-made chili packed with protein and veggies we can heat up at the birth center. Get the recipe here! 

Juice Boxes

Applesauce Pouches

Protein Bars

I also found these Organic Electrolyte Drinks. I’ll be bringing a few of these with us for mom & dad 

I’m also bringing a bag of snacks such as crackers and protein bars for my husband Aaron, our Doula and Midwives because they’ll be working hard too!


Hair Ties

Baby Wipes (Good For Mom & Baby). We love these ones! 

The Best Facial Cream Ever! This is the one I love. Use code HGG15 for 15% off! 

Lip Balm. This is one option I’m bringing 


Makeup (Mascara, Eyebrows, Concealer, Foundation, Blush)

Hair Brush

Dry Shampoo  



Perineal Cleansing Bottle 


A Robe.. one that I don’t care if it gets messy or stained. I am going to use this one that I already own! 

2 Gowns. I’m bringing gowns I can wear to or from the birth center that I’m not worried about getting stained. 

I also got this beautiful caftan from Dwell & Slumber that I planned to bring to the hospital however I love it so much I decided I’m going to save for our newborn photoshoot! That way I have something pretty to wear that I also feel good in since those photos we’ll take within the first few weeks. However, this would an amazing gown to bring to the hospital. It is so soft, nursing friendly and beautiful. All the mamas I know who have one of these have told me that they end up ordering more because they just live in them after childbirth… so I likely will be getting another too ha!

A sweater sweater to wear to, from or at the birth center if it’s chilly

No Slip Socks.. My feet are often cold and these have the little grippers on the bottom so you don’t trip. These are the ones I bought. 

A Nursing Bra. I love these! 

A Nursing Sports Bra I Can Labor In / Wear In The Birth Tub. These ones are great! 

The birth center will provide me with mesh underwear and pads for after birth


Swim Trunks if we’re laboring in the tub




Water Bottle

Protein Bars

Phone & Charger


Diapers. We are using these ones! 

Wipes. These wipes have been recommended to us the most! 

2 Hats. I love these! 

2 Blankets / Swaddle Blankets 

2 Outfits. I bought this one for size premie to newborn. I also bought this one size newborn to 3 months. 

Newborn Scratch Mittens. These are the ones I bought. 

Optional Baby Socks (If Outfit You’re Bringing Doesn’t Cover Feet) 

Nursing Pillow. This is the one I have. 

Infant Car Seat Installed & Checked. This is the infant car seat we purchased. 


We’ll that’s it! I’d love to hear what are some items you brought to the birth center that you loved, or maybe items you brought but didn’t end up using!  

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