Episode 13: Great Job Mama Podcast | NICU Mama & Postpartum Support with Jess Baumgardner

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We are thrilled to have Jess Baumgardner on the Great Job Mama Podcast this week! Jess is a positivity ambassador, mother of three, creative wizard of real and educational moments. She found her true calling in leading the way to a balanced psyche, healthier body, connecting to women, and guiding them through the wonders and struggles of motherhood.

Podcast Highlights

– Birth with all 3 kids including a different experience with her son

– NICU experience and helpful tips

– Recovery and postpartum experience

– Advice for friends and family on how to support a NICU mama

– Blending motherhood, creativity and work

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Jess’s Website: jessbaumgardner.com

Jess’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jessbaumgardner

Jess’s Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/meetjessbaumgardner

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