6 Things I’ve Learned Going From One Kid To Two

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I LOVE being a mom. It has made me so incredibly happy and so incredibly tired at the same time! I never shy away from sharing real life mom moments on Instagram stories because I believe it helps us not feel alone in our motherhood journey. So today on the blog, I thought I would share 6 things I’ve learned going from one kid to two. Some of these are things that a new mom may learn no matter how many kids she has! As always, I’d love to hear from you! After you read today’s post, hop on over to Instagram and share with me in the comments here [link to IG post] what you’ve learned since you became a mom!

I’ve Never Been More Tired

From the moment I wake up to the moment I go to sleep at night, I am in mom-mode or working. There is more love and also more laundry, more cleaning, more emotions and more needs. Sleep is essential; however, the quality and quantity of sleep changes when you become a mom. I struggled with postpartum anxiety with my firstborn. My anxiety was so bad that some nights I couldn’t fall asleep. Eventually, I learned techniques to help me fall asleep and fall back asleep in the middle of the night. As a second-time mom, I still have restless nights, however, I am generally sleeping much better than I did with my daughter. Here are a few things I do to help me sleep better!

  • Epsom salt bath a few nights a week after the kids go to sleep
  • A cup of chamomile tea and a cup of magnesium powder + water each evening
  • Unplug from social and email at least 1 hour before bed
Megafood probiotics and supplements.

Nourish, Nourish, Nourish 

I’m not going to lie, meals made with real, whole foods take time. I’ve learned to create some simple meals that are either quick or easy to make. A typical day for me looks like: morning smoothie and coffee, mid-morning eggs with tortilla or toast, lunch is usually soup (I meal prep a batch of soup once a week, so it’s easy to heat and eat), afternoon snack is an apple and almonds and usually a piece of chocolate, dinner rotates – usually we make something you’ll find on the HGG blog! Some dinner favorites are salmon, green beans and sweet potato or tacos filled with beans, sweet potatoes, lots of veggies and avocado if ripe and in season. I am in a season of expending extra energy and getting less rest, so in addition to trying to eat as many nourishing foods as possible, I also take supplements. My daily routine includes: Baby & Me 2, Vitamin D3 and MegaFlora Probiotic for Baby & Me, all by MegaFood®, a brand I trust.

MegaFood crafts premium supplements with key nutrients added to  real food from trusted farm partners. I love MegaFlora Probiotic for Baby & Me, which supports the immune health of a pregnant mother and developing baby.* MegaFlora Probiotic for Baby & Me contains a broad range of the brand’s proprietary blend of 14 unique strains of 30 billion probiotics,  and ginger to soothe upset stomach and promote healthy digestive function. Probiotics may help aid nutrient absorption, and studies have shown that intake of Lactobacillus rhamnosus (HN001) during the last trimester and early breastfeeding supports the child’s developing immune system.* 

One of my passions is learning about products that make it easier to live a healthy lifestyle and sharing them with you. Another MegaFood product I wish existed when I was pregnant is the new Morning Sickness Nausea Relief* Soft Chews! These easy-to-eat chews combine two well-known anti-nausea ingredients: ginger and vitamin B6 to help alleviate nausea related to morning sickness.* Even though I am not pregnant, I find myself grabbing one of these when I have an upset stomach.* They taste great, and if you know an expecting mama, these would be a great mama-to-be gift! 

Create A Routine Then Be Flexible

Without a routine, the days would just feel like a circus. It’s already wild, so we try and follow a schedule. I believe that having a schedule and boundaries is helpful for little ones. It helps them know what’s coming next, gives them comfort and familiarity, and for my daughter – she likes to help out and be involved in the daily routine! While this makes most days feel like Groundhog Day, it does help us plan and accomplish one or two work tasks a day. For example, I know that nap time for my toddler is usually from 1-3 pm, and my son’s nap may cross-over for an hour during that time, so I have one solid quiet hour of uninterrupted work each day. We definitely have to work more than one hour a day, and we fit it in here and there in 30-40 minute blocks when we can trade-off between kids. Other times, the kids are just right by us as we shoot content. Naturally, I have learned to become very efficient when I work!

Each Baby Is Different

I would say that my kids have a lot of similarities from how they nurse, how they sleep, to looking like twins (only 22 months apart!). However, they do have some distinct differences and I love watching their personalities develop as they grow! I’ve learned that just because I did something a certain way for my daughter, it doesn’t mean that is what works best for my son. Because of that, I adjust how I care for each kid based on what works well for them!

Mother Yourself 

It’s not easy fitting in self-care as a mom. However, I try to do something for myself every day. Some nights I get lucky and can squeeze in a 10-minute bath. Some days self-care looks like stretches and yoga next to my daughter while she plays. Other days it’s eating something delicious that makes me happy!

I also try and give myself grace. Going from zero to one kid was a huge change for me. With two, while there are new challenges and less rest, I find that my perspective is different. This season is a phase – it doesn’t last forever. I tell myself this, not to deny my present emotions but to help me find inner strength. Life with littles is often survival mode! Remember to be kind to yourself, especially if you’re not sleeping through the night. You are doing the best you can and you’re doing a great job, mama! 

Find Your Tribe 

Having mom friends who will encourage you, support you or just listen to you is so important. Motherhood is not meant to happen alone. We need a village, we need support and we need to support each other – judgement-free. Different seasons of life may call for different types of friends and that’s okay. It’s also okay if friendships look different once you become a mom! You may not have time to meet-up, grab coffee or talk on the phone. True friends will still be there for you even if you meet less and chat less. 

I’d love to hear from you! Don’t forget to head to Instagram to share with me what you’ve learned since becoming a mama of one, two or beyond! 

Disclosure: This blog post is sponsored by MegaFood – a brand I love and products I genuinely use everyday! That said, I’m excited to be sharing a discount code for 10% off any MegaFood product using code HGG10.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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