Introducing… Nutrition Schoolhouse!

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Hi friends! As you know I’m a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, a Mama of 2 and I also homeschool my daughter who is 4. 
We are close to completing our first year of homeschool preschool and it has been a really wonderful and also eye-opening journey! I am a person who naturally loves to create things… so I found myself creating a lot of learning activities and activity sheets for her because I wasn’t loving the options I was finding online! 
I also love nutrition and believe that it’s such an important skill to learn even from a young age. It’s so important to learn about different foods, food preparation skills and how to nourish the body with wholesome food. 
Which inspired me to start something new…. 
I’m excited to introduce you to…. Nutrition Schoolhouse! 
With Nutrition Schoolhouse, we hope to be a wonderful addition to your child’s learning (whether you homeschool or not!) and spark an interest into the wonderful world of fruits, veggies and other nourishing foods! 
I have so many ideas for Nutrition Schoolhouse!! As we begin this new adventure we have a few FREEBIES to share with you and also our first product launch!!


I am SO excited about the launch of our our ABC Playmats which are great for wide range of ages to introduce and encourage an awareness and knowledge of letters!
We use these Playmats to… 
– Talk about letters
– Practice letter sounds
– Practice writing letters
– Fill in letters with playdough, pom poms, beans, cereal, yarn, small toys, etc
– And more!! 
Each letter activity sheet includes 4 fruits, veggies or other nourishing foods that start with the same letter! For Example… A is for avocado, apple, almonds and artichoke! You’ll see food favorites and learn about new foods too!
They are a hands-on fun way to learn about letters and chat about fruits and veggies. Personally, my kids love these and I hope yours will too!


Our ABC Bundle also includes a book list of our favorite children’s books all about fruits, veggies and tasty foods! I love to use These Reusable Dry Erase Pockets so that these Playmats can be enjoyed again, and again, and again!

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