DIY Shiplap Electric Fireplace Build with Mantel

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We moved into our new home this year, and our living room had this great big blank wall. I wanted fireplace and have always loved the look of a shiplap fireplace with a rustic, unique mantel. I searched for “barn wood beam mantels” in California and found this amazing company that sells exactly what I wanted! Next was finding that perfect fireplace insert. After spending time searching online, I fell in love with this fireplace insert from

Often with projects I have the design ideas or inspiration and Aaron is the one who brings it to life! So once we had our key elements… mantel and fireplace, we were ready to build! I’ll let Aaron take over the blog now to share his thoughts / process on how he built our custom Shiplap electric fireplace with barn wood beam mantel! Before Aaron takes over the blog… here is a BEFORE photo of our living room!

Photo of living room before DIY fireplace project, big blank wall


Aaron’s Blog Takeover:

I decided to build the frame for this project in the garage so that I was close to my chop saw and because I built the frame over the course of a few days and I did not want all the noise and construction around the kids play zone.

For the frame I used 2×6’s and 2×4’s where I needed strength and 2×3’s everywhere else, to save money and overall weight. I also kept the frame in two pieces to make it easier to carry in and install.

Once the framework was in place I installed the fireplace. This Dynasty Harmony fireplace came with an easy to follow guide for what size the framing should be. So it was a simple install, but definitely a two person job getting the fireplace in position.

The fireplace comes with small clear and black rocks for the base and logs or large crystals, we decided on the logs for our preferred look. We loved being able to create our own custom fire bed and have the option to change the look overtime. Personalization is a great feature of the Harmony fireplace, with many different flame and base colors to choose from.

After the fireplace was installed and tested, I added the shiplap. First, I took the shiplap up the fireplace halfway to the mantel height. I needed the shiplap in place behind the mantel and also needed access into the frame to securely bolt the enormous mantel.

I have no idea how heavy the mantel is however, it has to be over 200 pounds. I built a hinged frame to lift and hold the mantel in position while I bolted it in place. I used 3 six inch lag bolts as well as two metal pipes reaching all the way back to the wall.

After the mantel was secured in place, the rest of the project was smooth sailing. I added the remaining shiplap, filled in gaps at the corners and painted.

We are very happy with our fireplace choice, the Dynasty Harmony BEF, which we were gifted from It is easy to install and operate, energy efficient and has a variety of options for customizing the look. In addition to controls hidden on the front of the fireplace, the Harmony BEF also comes with a remote control. The remote controls all of the features including the 3 different Flame Colors and 13 different Bed Color Options. Our favorite choice is the simple orange flame with the bed colors off, which we think provides the most realistic look.

This fireplace also has a heater which will be so nice on chilly fall and winter days! What’s also great about the heater is that it’s front facing, which means you do not need to add a vent . However, even with the front facing heater this fireplace still mounts flush and has a thin trim which something you don’t often find with electric fireplaces.

As you can see this fireplace has a beautiful modern look, it’s so easy to install, turn on / off and adds such a cozy feel to our home!

Important Update on Trim Size & Installation: 

This electric fireplace model has since been updated. As a result, the trim size & installation instructions have changed slightly. Please refer to the manufacturer’s images and manual provided on Modern Blaze’s website for an accurate representation of the current trim size and proper installation.

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More Project Photos!

Photo of Aaron mounting the fireplace frame to the living room wall

Handy Man building fireplace

Handy Man great at building and home DIY projects

Custom fireplace DIY build

Modern Electric Fireplace Insert on shiplap fireplace with barn wood beam mantel

Beautiful Shiplap Fireplace with modern electric fireplace and barn wood beam mantel and fiddle leaf fig tree

That’s A Wrap On This Project!

Aaron did an amazing job on this fireplace! I cannot wait to decorate for Fall and Christmas and all the Holidays! If you have any questions on this project, you can contact us here! 

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