How To Pick & Store Lemons

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Have you ever been picking out citrus and frustrated on how to pick out the right ones? Then you get home and aren’t sure the best way to store them for a lasting shelf life? This blog is for you! Today we are sharing How To Pick & Store Lemons! These tips are quick, easy and made for you to get the most out of your time and money! 

Knowing these tips will also help with preventing food waste by giving your lemons longer shelf life and will ensure you have the juiciest lemons possible for cooking, cleaning and beauty!

Wooden bowl with citrus.

How To Pick & Store Lemons:

Look for lemons with bright skin & a few small blemishes

Gently squeeze lemon – should feel juicy and not too hard

Store at room temperature for 3-5 days in a bowl with good air circulation

Store in the fridge – loose in a drawer or in a breathable bag for up to a month

Rinse & scrub lemons right before use

Use lemons at room temperature to maximize juiciness

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Wooden cutting board with sliced lemon and other citrus in background.

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Wooden bowl with hand holding citrus.

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