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Hi Friends! Welcome back to Healthy Grocery Girl! Today I’m really excited to share with you a tour of our playroom and home learning space! I’ve created a video tour of our little space and also share more in the blog post below. 

Playroom + Home Learning Space Tour!

Originally this room was a multi-purpose guest, play and exercise room and it was just too crowded. We moved our elliptical upstairs – still can’t believe Aaron and I did that together all during one nap time! We also brought the queen mattress upstairs for my daughter’s bed and then we decided to build a daybed for the playroom! We really only have my mom stay with us just a few times a year. So we wanted a comfortable place for her to sleep but also a bed that didn’t take up too much room so we could maximize the play space! The daybed works great because it’s like a comfy couch for reading! 

I definitely like neutral tones and am inspired by Montessori-style learning. We do not follow a Montessori lifestyle 100% but you can see a few Montessori inspired elements throughout the room. I linked sources for as many things as I could! I hope you enjoy today’s blog post! 

Play Kitchen

My kids both love this kitchen and make many meals here every day, from pretend pie to soup. I also love this letter-board from Letterfolk – you can change out the words but honestly, I forget to so it stays the same most of the year!

DIY Chalkboard

This DIY project turned out so good! Aaron and I made this chalkboard, and it’s really fun for drawing on and my daughter loves to practice writing her name and her letters. I wanted a schoolhouse green color for the chalkboard and it turned out so well. The paint we used for the chalkboard and the stain for the wood trim are both from Ecos Paints. We love Ecos Paints, they are non-toxic and free of VOCs and harsh odors. They have a ton of paint colors to choose from but you can also color match to get the shade you like which is what I did to get this exact green color I wanted for the chalkboard.

Chalkboard + Bed Paint Details

Ecos Paints Chalkboard Paint

Ecos Paints Craft Stain

Ecos Paints Satin Varnish

1/4″ 4×4 Plywood Panel

6′ 1×3 Pine Board

Montessori & Schoolhouse Inspiration 

The banner on our chalkboard is made with cards from a company called Kindergarten Tool Kit. She makes minimalist preschool learning tools for ages 2-6. Some of her other cards include shapes, numbers, letters, words… We use them all the time and love them. 

This neutral flag banner wraps mostly around the room. It’s really neutral but adds some whimsical fun to the space. 

I also LOVE this schoolhouse clock above the chalkboard! The dolly or “buddy stroller” it’s called that you see in the photo above BOTH my kids love, they play with it every day taking their dolls, stuffed animals even balls on a walk ha! 

Day Bed

I found a similar looking daybed online as inspiration and my husband re-created it using the same stain as the chalkboard. Aaron did such a good job building this bed!! It’s so cute! 

Our mattress is from Avocado Green Mattress, we love their mattresses and pillows. Avocado mattresses are made with natural, renewable and certified organic materials. They are also the most comfortable mattress I’ve ever slept on. This is the twin, we have a king in our bedroom and my daughter also loves her avocado toddler pillow. Definitely check them out if you’re looking for a new pillow or mattress!

Click here to check out Avocado Green Mattress!


The light for this room was a bit tricky because we don’t have a light fixture in this room! So we decided to hang a pendant light and to keep the cord from being too obvious we kept the light in the corner close to bed.

Light Details!

Basket Weave Bamboo Pendant Shade

White Electrical Cord Swag Kit

Cord Cover

Lighting Canopy Kit

Book Wall

I love a good book wall! I like to rotate the books and make fun book walls with our holiday books. It just makes our books feel new and exciting again. You can explore all our favorite kids book on our Amazon Shop page here! The banner and pennants are from Letters and Laurels! 


Okay so now you’re probably noticing the wall paper!! I really wanted wallpaper for this room. We have never put up wallpaper before so it was a learning process but we love how it turned out! It’s a really simple pattern but also adds a lot fun to this space. 

The wallpaper is from Livette’s wallpaper and I chose it because of both the cute design and also that it’s made with 100% non-woven material that doesn’t contain PVC, plasticizers, glass fibers, heavy metals or formaldehyde. The inks used to print the wallpaper patterns also have GREENGUARD Certification. All important elements for selecting a non-toxic wallpaper. They have traditional wallpaper and also peel-and-stick style wallpaper. They have so many cute wallpaper prints, you can explore more here!

Toy Shelf

We added 2 cube shelves to organize toys and extra books. I was inspired by Montessori style book / toy shelves and wanted everything to be reachable at the kids level. Most of our toys are from Lovevery! We LOVE lovevery toys – they are so well made, educational and really engage my kids to think and problem solve. The Lovevery books are also awesome and include photos of real kids experiencing every day life – whether it’s a trip to the park or making muffins, my kids love to see others kids doing real-life things! 

I also love this “Time To Play” art print, which I got from Minted. We love minted for art – so many cute pieces! This print you can get in a variety of sizes, select from a bunch of different frames and then they mail it to you! Such an easy way to add framed art to your room. 


Lastly – when we really need to get the wiggles out, we bring out the Pikler Triangle with the ladder and arch from Wood and Hearts and the kids love playing on this. It helps develop gross motor skills, physical strength and learning through play. I love watching them figure out how to make their way from one side to the other and they have so much fun crawling all over this.

I am so, so happy with how this space turned out. It’s our playroom, our dance party room, where we read so many books, make pretend pie and it’s been fun to share a tour with you! I will also be homeschooling E for preschool this Fall and wanted a fun room for homeschool. I like having arts and crafts and all learning supplies organized in one space. Thanks so much for reading today’s post – I hope you found it helpful if you’re creating a little play or learning space as well! Have a wonderful day! xx Megan 

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