5 Sustainable Meal Prep Tips

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April 22nd is Earth Day! To celebrate and help care for our amazing planet, we’re sharing 5 ways that you can be more sustainable and eco-friendly when meal prepping!

Why is sustainability important? One of the biggest reasons is for us and future generations to have clean environments to live in! Within our own communities, we want to have clean air, a non-toxic environment and clean resources. Simple sustainable practices within our homes, such as minimizing food waste is a great place to start!

Lemon zest on top of paper towel and jar of lemon juice.

Saucepan with veggie stock from veggie scraps.

5 Sustainable Meal Prep Tips

Use Vegetable Scraps to Make Soup Stock

Do you ever feel like you throw away so much vegetable scraps throughout the week? Did you know that you can save money and prevent food waste by using those scraps to make a soup stock?

Freeze Overripe Fruits to Use in Smoothies

Produce can be expensive and it’s never fun to throw away fruit. Overripe fruit is perfect in smoothies, so simple freeze your fruit and use in your next smoothie! Remember, this is for overripe fruit, not moldy fruit.

Juice Lemons to Use All Week / Save Juiced Halves to Zest / Use Juiced Lemons with Baking Soda to Clean Hard Water Stains

Lemons are extremely versatile, which is why we have three different ways you can use your Limoneira Lemons! Juicing them to use in recipes all week is a great way to keep track of how much you have before they go bad. With your leftover lemon peels, zest thing for added flavor into recipes. You can also use your juiced lemon halves with baking soda to clean hard water stains in your sinks, tubs and countertops!

Make Multi-Use Sauces Such as Lemon Pesto for Pasta and Salmon

Every recipes needs a good sauce! Having a go-to that you can use throughout the week saves you time and prevents waste. Lemon pesto is one of our favorites because it can be used on pasta dishes and salmon dinners! Here is our pesto recipe from the blog.

Freeze Leftover Smoothie to Make Smoothie Cubes – Add Cubes into Future Smoothies

Ever get full before you can finish your smoothie? Instead of wasting any of your delicious drink, simply add into ice cube trays and freeze to make smoothie cubes! These cubes are the perfect nutritious addition into future smoothies and will help add more creaminess to your drinks!

Tray of smoothie cubes with some on the left side on the counter.

If you use any of these sustainability tips, please share a photo on Instagram and tag me @HealthyGroceryGirl so I can easily find and like your creations! It’s so fun to connect with you and see what recipes you’re enjoying.

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Saucepan of veggie scraps to make stock,

If you love this blog, see below for more sustainability uses! As always, Healthy Grocery Girl aims to help you and your family live a cleaner, non-toxic lifestyle!

5 Simple Sustainability Tips

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Jar of lemon juice with zest in front on a napkin.

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