Episode 6: Great Job Mama Podcast | Birth Stories, Mama + Work Blend & How Reality TV Prepared Her For Motherhood with Desiree Siegfried

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We are so excited to have Desiree Siegfried on the Great Job Mama podcast this week! Desiree is the founder and bridal designer of Desiree Hartsock Bridal with over a decade of experience in the bridal industry. She helps brides find their perfect gown and plan their dream wedding without breaking the bank. You can check out her book My Fairytale Wedding and look for Desiree Hartsock Bridal found nationwide in various retailers. Desiree starred on The Bachelorette where she met her husband Chris and is now a mama to two boys, Asher and Zander. In this episode, Desiree shares her birth stories, how she blends mama and work life and how reality tv prepared her for motherhood! Desiree is super down to earth, a great friend and we are so thankful to have her here on the podcast this week!

Podcast Highlights

– Identity transformation with becoming a mom

– Birth stories and dealing with emotions post pregnancy

– How to manage being a mama of two boys + work life as a designer

– Advice to moms dealing with mom guilt or feeling overwhelmed with working

– How being on the Bachelorette prepared her for motherhood

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Desiree’s Website: www.desireehartsock.com

Desiree’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/desireesiegfried

Desiree’s Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DesireeHartsockBridal

Desiree’s Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/DesHartsock

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